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Product Design & Manufacturing Consultancy

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We designed the award winning Babycup to have a beautiful simplicity that belies a meticulously engineered form. We manufacture with care in England and provide logistics support  .

Available online and on the high street, promoted by the NHS to encourage healthy drinking habits.


A compact low cost Bluetooth  button designed for use with apple and android mobile phone apps.

We produced working prototypes, and low volume batch production, including low cost  plastic Injection mould tooling, module and microprocessor programming.

Bluetooth Button

We helped to develop and prototype the enclosure of this unique Satnav in a bicycle bell. The picture is of a prototype built by us.

The product was successfully funded via Kickstarter.

We also currently provide manufacturing and distribution support for this product.


The NoteShel was designed, developed and manufactured to fill the gap in the market for a durable, compact and refillable note pad and pen.

Our team  was involved from the very beginning, allowing for an in depth exploration of the brief resulting in a well refined product with iconic styling.


Prism Pot

We designed and developed this unique set of products to turn our clients innovative idea into a real product. Creating a unique stylist’s tint mixing bowl.

We assisted with  product design, manufacturing, branding and logo design and packaging design.

www.noteshel.com www.babycup.co.uk


Our brief  was to develop a multifunctional horse teether/stable toy that could be ceiling hung, wall mounted or used on the stable floor.

We produced a design that is both elegant, robust and easy to use.

www.bizzybites.co.uk www.blubel.co

Is an automated touch simulator for interactive displays. We supported the project from initial idea. Providing full R&D and electronics and product design.

We manufactured in our UK production facilities, and provided distribution and fulfilment support.


MORE www.peggelectronics.com

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So what happens next…..

We will send you a non disclosure agreement, and  then discuss in confidence your product design requirements in detail, in an our initial  free review via  email, telephone or  in person at our design studio in Newbury, Berkshire.

We will then provide you with a detailed project proposal with costs for you to review with no obligation.

We offer  flexible budget options to help inventors and new startup businesses get their ideas of the ground and  onto the market .

We look forward to working with you.

Is a tool to help reduce food waste. It is a visual reminder of the expiry status of your food and drink. We supported the project from initial idea. Providing full R&D and electronics and product design, and website design.

We manufactured and provided full distribution and fulfilment support.

Food Minder


We were approached to solve a problem to simulate human hearing for autonomous emergency car brake testing robot.

We provided electronics research and design and manufactured the device in under 2 weeks.

Automotive Test Sensor

Thatcham AEB Testing


Due to our experience with Bluetooth devices, iterign were approached by the Jambadoo team to design and develop the enclosure, electronic circuit board and packaging for their innovative Bluetooth 3 channel audio receiver product.

The product was successfully crowd funded using the Kickstarter platform.

www.prismpot.com Kickstarter Campaign